Have a great summer!! Our Next Meeting will be October 4, 2014 at 2:00 PM at St. Peter's Church

The Colgate Improvement Association is not under the leadership of any Organization, Corporation, or Political Affiliation. All issues relating to it's Agenda, Application for Grants, or Community Activities are first approved by it's Board of Directors, Officers in Leadership, and it's active Membership Body.


Colgate Improvement Association Mission

 "Our vision is to unite the neighborhood by working together for an improved quality of life and the beautification of our community for the enjoyment of all its residents."

We have added a Local Business Directory to the site! Please look on the left side of the page for the link to resident who operating or own businesses and live right here in Colgate!! If you want to be included in the directory, please email us at mycolgateprinde2013@gmail.com!

We want to thank the Dundalk Renaissance Corporation for assisting in bringing in the kids from New Horizons II! These teens went through Colgate helping to clean up the neighborhood, picking up trash and paint notices at storm drains to help prevent runoff in the Bay!



Rats reproduce every three weeks, yielding 5-6 in each litter.  So if you see a rat, there’s likely at least 6 in your area.


In 3 weeks there will be 36

In 6 weeks there will be 216

In 9 weeks there will be 1,296

In 12 weeks there will be 7, 776


Still think it shouldn’t be reported if someone isn’t properly disposing their garbage? 

Without food, rats die in four months.  With eradication and proactive residents, we can eliminate a lot of the rat population.  They will simply go to an area where they can get food.

Rat complaints can be sent via the County website or through the Colgate Improvement Association.  In both cases, you can remain anonymous.

 HEY COLGATE...WE NEED YOUR HELP! Do you shop at Redner's? Do you have a Redner's Pump Perks card? Redner's has a program called "1% Save-A-Tape." All you have to do is be sure to show your Pump Perks card at checkout and save your receipts! Once we collect enough receipts, we can turn them in for cash to support the CIA. Please help us out and tell your friends, family and neighbors to do the same.



 If you haven't yet, check out our newest addition to the site, a tour through some of our community's best looking houses and yards. Just click the link on the left side!


The No Soliciting signs are made and ready to go! These are posted at Eastern & 54th, Eastern & Rolling Mill, Baltimore and & Rolling Mill, and at the Welcome to Colgate sign at Colgate Park. If you see any solicitors please call Baltimore County Police to have them removed from the neighborhood.

Our phone is currently not working. If you need to reach us, please either email us at mycolgatepride2013@gmail.com, or mail us at PO Box 25776, Baltimore, MD 21224. You can also voice your concerns at our monthly meetings held at St. Peter's Church the first Saturday of the month at 2 PM.

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